1. Happy stormy lake

  2. Portraits of the kids at the cottage

  3. Opera singer Layla Claire

  4. Here’s a Christmas-y house in Picton, Ontario that I photographed for the December issue of Chatelaine Magazine. The homeowner is the lovely and charming Alison Westlake of Coriander Girl, a whimsical and highly curated florist on Queen St. West in Parkdale in Toronto. Make sure to pay it a visit if you’re in the hood! You can also see more of this shoot on Chatelaine Magazine’s Home Editor’s personal blog, The Marion House Book.

  5. Taken on set during this year’s shoot for the National Ballet of Canada’s Souvenir Book. Pictured here are Grant Heaps from the wardrobe department, who brilliantly styled the shoot with quirky bits and pieces of costumes from the in-house collection, and Pam Steele, assistant to the company’s artistic director Karen Kain among many other things! The book finally hit the stands this week so expect to see lots of photos of ballet dancers soon!

  6. I shot this for the October issue of Chatelaine Magazine and thought I would share the love.

    Check out how to make the tins at: http://www.chatelaine.com/home-decor/colourful-and-easy-thanksgiving-centrepiece-idea-with-tin-cans/.

    I just love those warm, golden copper colors!

  7. This house that I shot for Emma Reddington’s blog, The Marion House Book, back in March of this year is still getting a lot of play. What a treat for all involved! It’s featured in the October issue of Canadian House and Home Magazine….and I also just discovered it on this great blog, SF Girl by Bay. Check it out here

    Way to go Emma for finding such a unique and interesting home to shoot….and also to Jude Allison for decorating your place with such creative, heartfelt style!

  8. My lovely and patient friend Sara taught me how to make a pie this summer. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but have always been too intimidated by the idea of making pastry. Sara was forced to memorize her grandmother’s recipe by heart on the spot…her grandmother told her she only had one chance! So that was that, and so she did…and she has never written it down or forgotten it. As for me, I’ll be having another pie lesson next summer with my friend Sara!

    * One thing I do remember though is that I really like an all butter crust. 

  9. A summery sojourn to the Toronto Islands complete with a ferry ride and frolicking in the grass!

  10. I took this photo in Kensington Market the other day and just noticed how it actually does kind of look like a flash back. Funny!

  11. Here are some shots that I took for Canadian Art Magazine of artist Shary Boyle in her studio while her work was carefully crated to be shipped to Venice for this years Biennale….which opened today! Pick up the new issue of Canadian Art Magazine to read Murray Whyte’s article about Shary and her new work….and check out this fabulous article also by Murray Whyte for the Toronto Star.

  12. Here are a mix of black and white shots from a recent trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. There are some Iphone pics in there taken with the Old Camera app and some shots taken with my handy little Fuji X10. The city is pretty much mind blowing…..quite overwhelming really, in the best of ways. I kept thinking it would be such an incredible city to live in for a while…to be able to see it’s layers and mysteries gradually revealing themselves over time. I also thought the city was begging to be shot in black in white because it looks so 19th century…so Dostoevskian. 

  13. I’ve been seeing the photo that I took for The National Ballet of Canada’s Carmen on posters around town which makes me happy as I do love that shot. The show will be running from June 5-16th. See it if you can, it’s pretty sexy stuff! The beautiful, natural blonde Heather Ogden (above) actually dyed her hair black when she danced the role of Carmen a couple years ago. Now that’s commitment!

  14. I found this beautiful old thing on the street the other day and knew I had to pick it up. I love how the patina is so different on the two sides (you’d never be able to frame it!)…and how the bottom edges are so hyper sharp and the lines across the middle so worn and soft. It looks like it had been hanging out there on the roadside for a million years. It’s really quite amazing to me that nobody picked it up until now - not even a garbage collector - but I’m glad they didn’t!

  15. This is it: the bohemian, vintage country home in Orono with a twist (or two, or three, or seven) that I shot recently for The Marion House Book. You can see more pictures and read about the couple that owns over on there. Enjoy!